We’re a social media marketing agency with a mission to spread the word of all things good. Here at The Mindful Agency, we help sustainable brands big and small share their message to the world through dynamic content and marketing strategies. So whether you’re a new brand about to launch or just in need of a fresh look, we’ve got tailor made packages just for you .


Social Media Strategy + MANAGEMENT

Influencer Marketing

1-on-1 coaching


Our Philosophy

Here at The Mindful Agency, we’re passionate about sustainability. After majoring in sustainable fashion at University our founder, Hannah Wilkinson, went on to work for household name brands including Stella McCartney, before setting her sights on her own boutique agency.


“Our mission is to help share incredible brand stories through wholesome, kickass marketing, with our passion for sustainability allowing us to go above and beyond for our clients.”

— Hannah Wilkinson, founder of The Mindful Agency


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